Am more than happy to identify the P10X elements which are most evocative and useful for me.
1. Your models/visual constructs are brilliant and very useful for everyone interested in learning!
For me, the most evocative model is your "social architecture" model. It is a path-breaking, concise, easy-to-understand, visual construct that succintly brings to light not only the root causes of today's organizational cultures, but clearly identifies and challenges us to move to states that are more organic and human in order to adapt to today's and future challenges. I want to give you and Max the Paul Cesare "good farmer award" for creating your magnificently illuminating "social architecture" model! The good farmer works toward creating the most optimum conditions that provides a seed the greatest chances of growing to its fullest potential.
2. The organization of your work, your path of reasoning, and my "aha" reaction to your choice of words, phrases and sentences were also very evocative for me. For example I liked your title: Project 10X: "Growing the DNA" for 21st Century leadership in Organizations...the word "Generative" ...color coded social architecture resilience levels. "...grow, spread and evolve of its own volition." ...change-maker metaphor...the time is ripe for a major upgrade...Leadership does not exist in a vacuum.
Your efforts are truly commendable. Your work strives to increase sustainable levels of greater good human capabilities which, in my humble opinion, is the central challenge of today's organizations and of our world. It is not just another patronizing, status-quo perpetuating recipe for failure!


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