Fresno Bee, Nov. 18, 1934
Mariposa (Mariposa Co) Nov. 17- The ruins of the famous old Mt. OphirMint, the first United State mint in California, are to become theproperty of Mariposa County. This was decided at a recent meetingof the county board of supervisors. If the recommendations of theboard are carried out the mint will be restored to its originalappearance and the surrounding grounds will be beautified by SERAworkers- the whole to become a public park and shrine.
The offer to donate the old mint and the grounds surrounding it wasmade by Frank MAGUIRE on behalf of the Mariposa CommercialMining Company; of which he is the manger. Maguire announced hiscompany was willing to deed the property to the county or to any otherresponsible organization that would undertake its restoration.
The members of the board voted unanimously to accept a deed to theproperty.
The board also passed a resolution directed to the county SERArecommending that it undertake the work of restoration of the buildingsand its beautification of the proposed park.
The plan is to restore the old mint just as it was when it was turningout the famous gold slugs from gold mined at the Mt. Ophir Mine. Oldphotographs still in existence will be material aid in the word of restoration and old records will help in the rebuilding.
If the SERA adopts the recommendations of the board of supervisors,work will begin at once, the board said.


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