In Eraser,John Kruger is a fabulist, an auteur of redemptive shows; he stages instrumental theater. But hs work also provides a forum for selves in hding, alter- ation, and absurd plasticity. Schwarzenegger has an affinity for such themes; whether or not he recognizes them in Shakespeare's work, they have received their most impressive cultural exposure there, and Arnold imports something of the flexible or fictional sense of selkood from Hamlet into Last Action Hero. But the stakes are hgher than ths. Something about Arnold's film personae endangers the viewer's notions of self and of reality: he not orlly provides a vehicle for escap- ing the real, but he rigs ths vehcle to explode, obliterating the significance of identity, probability, ontology.32 And here we have, I believe, the deep, subtextu- al, and nonintentional (structural) link to Hamlet.


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