This cookie jar known as "Baking Time" has a blue dress with yellow trim, white apron and a white head wrap with red polka dots.

Created by Clay Art of San Francisco in the 1990s. The earliest date we have seen imprinted on the bottom of a jar is 1991. The most recent date is 2001.

The cookie jar measures approximately 10 inches tall by 10 inches wide. It is handpainted and microwave and dishwasher safe.

Here is the backside of the cookie jar.

is sometimes sold as a three piece set where the cookie jar is joined with salt and pepper shakers. Here you can see their relative sizes. The salt and pepper shakes show Aunt Jemima / Mammy holding a baked pie and holding a rolling pin.

There is a Clay Art hallmark on the bottom of the jar.

Another version of the identifying imprint on the bottom. This one from 2001 refers to StoneLite clay being used.

Review: One of the few recently made, modern cookie jars that is not afraid to depict a black woman, and which has increased in value. A nice investment. The Clay Art business has continue to grow and was recently bought out, suggesting their earlier pieces like this, with small runs, will continue to appreciate.

Value and pricing: The Clay Art cookie jar is typically see in the $50 - $125 range.

Clay Art, established in 1979 by two high school teachers in San Francisco, is known for their celebrity cookie jars, salt and pepper shakers and masks. Clay Art is famous for it's craftsmanship and outstanding art. Their work is wonderful and the colors used are bright and vivid.


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