As I chose taboo as my topic, I did a lot of researches about it and found abortion is a controversy one. An abortion could occur spontaneously, which called miscarriage and be caused purposely in which is known as induced abortion. However, one of the reasons people choose induced abortion could be sex-selection. In some countries, especially developing ones, there are timeworn thoughts that parents want a boy rather than a girl. Although it happens mostly in rural areas, where labor forces are the growing children, it is still a serious problem. Under this circumstance, people choose induced abortion when they find out they have a girl. It is gender discrimination and fatal wrong reason to do abortion for me. Therefore, I will pay attention to the sex-selection of induced abortion and conduct researches about it. I think it is interesting to combine human shape with font pattern in the typographic. Moreover, the human shape could be from germ cell, baby, youngsters to adult in both genders. The correspondent female human shapes with male ones may remind the gender equality and fault of sex-selection abortion. At the same time, I will continue trying to find some new ideas and make the topic stand out.


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