Follow the road a little east then north and east again into msp D-1. (If you're cutting andpasting the maps, note that D-1 is offset 5 squares to the north.) Follow the road to its end, thenwork your way eastward thru the forest to location 1 on D-1, where you will find the 'smilingtree'. As soon as you approach the tree you will be picked up and tossed over the wall into asecond story apartment of the RATTKIN RUINS (at location X on map RATKIN-1. This area is covered bythree maps - RATKIN-1, -2 and -3. -1 covers the upper and lower levels of the structures. -2 is thewestern outdoor area and -3 is the eastern forest. A note here - If you step away from X and thenback onto it, the tree will pick you up again and redeposit you on the outside. We will, however,use a different exit.


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