Field Marshal von Rundstedt made repeated requests for more men,noting that the Western Allies were completely superior inmanpower, yet was denied by Wehrmacht High Command; Rundstedt notedthat it would be difficult to hold encircled American troops oncethe operation began, due to the lack of sufficient infantrymen. Newinfantrymen received a maximum of eight weeks worth of training,and the new divisions were deficient of anti-tank and artilleryweapons; their make-up was at best eclectic, as divisions wereformed from the remnants of units which had taken heavy casualtiesin fighting in the West or on the Eastern Front.Some lacked winter clothing, and standard panzer divisions couldcount on only 100 tanks apiece.Some new infantrymen had been recruited from occupied territoriesin the East, and so many new soldiers did not even know German Theforces in best condition, earmarked for the Ardennes Offensive,were those which belonged to the ; these forces were refitted andtrained inside Germany, and then deployed to the front.But, even these were sometimes undermanned; the 2nd SS PanzerDivision, for example, was 10% below the established manpowerrequirements.Even by 15 December, the transfer of personnel to the West had notbeen completed.


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