Interpreting what we mean by animation broadly, this course will investigate computational moving-image making through the lens of experimental animation. We will take as our point of departure the films of Rettinger, Ruttmann, Fischinger, McLaren, and Breer, but will also draw upon artifacts and 'animated lines' taken from further afield: found footage / artifact films of Jacobs, dance drawings of Brown, kinetic sculptures of Bit International, early plotter art, avant-garde music notation, and contemporary techniques of motion and performance capture. This course will develop theoretical lines of inquiry that run in two directions: an excavation of a “pre-history” of contemporary new media graphic techniques and a reinterpretation / reinvigoration of our understanding of early animation. Film production, hand-animation or computer programming experience are welcome (but none are prequisites for the course). Students will be expected to complete regular short “sketches” of techniques towards a final short animated film.


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