Governor Phips was a controversial governor even before the Salem Witch Trials. With the Salem Witch Trials, his inability to lead just became more apparent. Phips tried to protect his job by pardoning the rest of the accused witches and dissolving the court of Oyer and Terminer. On February 21, 1693 he sent a letter to the King of England chastising his Lieutenant Governor William Stoughton. He did this in order to defend himself from the Salem Witch Trials, but this was not enough. Eventually, in 1694, King William of England made Phips sail back to England. Phips died from a horrible fever in England in February 1695. Over the course of the next couple of years, William Stoughton became governor of Massachusetts, replacing Phips. He signed a law paying the heir of each accused witch a sum of "600. Later the General Court declared the trials unlawful. After the year 1752 Salem Village was renamed Danvers, and Salem Town became Salem, MA. Salem renamed itself to Danvers to leave its past of death and hatred behind.


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