Based on the above data, it is considered necessary to change the paradigm in which declining birth rates are seen to be caused by insufficient support to help parents manage both work and child-rearing, such as the establishment of day-care centers and the childcare leave system, while the number of parents (in particular, mothers) who desire to continue working during the period of child birth and child-rearing is increasing. The new paradigm would ascribe declining birth rates to changes in the employment environment of young people and difficulties in childbirth and child-rearing of typical families. Based on such a paradigm conversion, in addition to currently targeting "working married couples (full-time) in the metropolitan areas," it is necessary to expand the scope of countermeasures by targeting "unmarried young people (in particular, those who cannot have employment opportunities)" and "typical families (including those with housewives doing part-time jobs) who make up the majority of the child-rearing generation."


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