Concluding Observations--Once again, in a good faith effort to discourage any malicious misreading or misrepresentation of the underlying themes of this book by parties on either side of the questions presented, it is necessary to deal with the possible and even likely false criticism that this book may, in some way, be anti-Semitic. As most people recognize, anti-Semitism requires hostility directed towards Jews generally, or toward one or more Jews because they are Jewish. This book does not rise to a level of "hostility" directed toward anyone, much less persons of Jewish heritage. Rather, it merely criticizes the business-related behavior of a small group of people, most of whom happen to be politically liberal and not very religious Jewish males of European heritage. Nothing in this book or its companion volumes suggests that the behavior of this Hollywood control group (i.e., that small group of Jewish males of European heritage, who are politically liberal and not very religious) is typical of Jews generally. Also, nothing in any of such volumes suggests that any members of the Hollywood control group behave the way they do because they are Jewish. Instead, this book assumes their behavior is atypical and occurs despite their Jewish heritage.


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