Curiously enough, there were virtually no calls for the resignationof the Israel First Pentagonistas - who were equally implicated and responsiblefor the mass torture of Muslim detainees. According to Newsweek, it wasDouglas Feith who was actually in charge of setting policy on Iraqi detainees.55Even in the face of this horrible crime against humanity, even in the generalnational outcry to investigate, impeach and hold responsible those involved,Paul Wolfowitz, the top Zionist architect of the war and responsible head(number 2) of Pentagon intelligence in the Iraq war involved in orderingthe torture, has escaped official public censure, protected as he has beenup to now by the pro-lsrael pundits, political fundraisers, presidentialcampaign fundraisers and influentials, (see Chapter Four on the exposeof Seymour Hersh's expose). As for number 3, despite the fact that he isstill a key subject of a Phase 11 Senate Intelligence Committee investigationon pre-war planning and post-invasion failures (Phase I focused primarilyon intelligence failures), Douglas Feith was invited to teach a courseon the Bush Administration's strategy behind the war on terrorism to studentsin the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown Universityin Fall 2006.


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