There is scant evidence that the chiropractors Wally Sampson and Ray Hyman tested take the stand they do in order to relieve cognitive dissonance. They didn't just reject the results of a single test, they rejected scientific testing altogether in favor of what they think they know from personal experience. Why? Because they consider personal experience superior to double-blind controlled experiments. Why? To avoid having to deal with cognitive dissonance? What evidence is there that these chiropractors were made the least bit uneasy by holding a belief that conflicts with the rest of the scientific community? If a person is made psychologically uncomfortable by contradictory cognitions, shouldn't there be some way to measure this discomfort, such as a rise in the level of cortisol or other stress hormones? Has anyone defending cognitive dissonance ever measured stress hormones being aroused by dissonant beliefs or relieved by rationalization? The chiropractors' misguided belief is probably not due to worrying about their self-image or removing discomfort. It is more likely due to their being arrogant and incompetent thinkers, convinced by their experience that they "know" what's going on, and probably assisted by from the like-minded arrogant and incompetent thinkers they work with and are trained by. They've seen how AK works with their own eyes. They've demonstrated it many times. If anything makes them uncomfortable it might be that they can't understand how the world can be so full of idiots who can't see with their own eyes what they see!


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