The ideological contrast between the rationalist-materialist paradigm and the notion that consciousness resides independently of its physical manifestations (and may even physical reality) explains a great deal of the mutual antagonism between structural analysts and conspiracy researchers. While conspiracy researchers often suffer from conspiracism, structural analysts often suffer from structuralism. The “conspiratorial” aspect of the world’s political-economic dynamics is a minor yet critical ingredient. Paying out to bury disruptive technologies, while , is an impressive effort. To ignore those activities because they do not leave a satisfying paper trail limits one’s perspective. It is not easy to explore such issues: it takes courage, a love of the truth, a willingness to sort through the chaff, and the understanding that unless people become in pursuing disruptive technologies, they will never be . Only those reaching Oz’s Emerald City ever meet the wizard, but the journey can be extremely hazardous.


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