A brush spanking could take place anywhere in the house, but was mostly commonly administered in the privacy of a bedroom. Jessica would find herself lowering her pants and her panties and laying over a pillow in the middle of her bed. If she was about to spanked with the heavy wooden hairbrush her mom was typically mad and beyond words. Without saying anything a reign of swats with the brush would be delivered to her bottom in a rapid fire succession. This would continue for a few minutes, covering every inch of her bottom. But then as promised, her mom would focus on bruising her little butt. The swats would slow down and the brush would be raised higher in the air than before. She would feel the most painfully imaginable swat to her bottom, with the goal being a large purple bulls-eye shaped bruise. This process would continue until her whole bottom had been painted with bulls-eyes. Her mom would then focus a little more on her sit spot, and place bulls-eye upon bulls-eye over the same spots. Tears where never an option with the brush, and Jessica would bury her face into her comforter and scream her head off. When it was over, her bottom would be a giant mess of bruises and be visibly swollen. Her mom would leave her alone with her sore bottom and she would often just stay in place, bottom still in the air, and just cry. It took a long time for the pain to go down at all and the throbbing was unbearable. She sometimes thought her mom was a little twisted in that often, after a hard hairbrush spanking, when she came to the table for her next meal, the cushion that sits on the wooden dining room chairs that they all sat at, would be missing from hers. Her mom believed in the long term effects of a proper hairbrush spanking, and it might be days before her chair pad was returned. Sitting was almost impossible, but was a requirement during their family meals, and she had no doubt her mother enjoyed watching the added benefits of the punishment by requiring her to try and sit for all meals for the next several days.


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