in 1513, the natives violently resisted the Spanish intrusion, for the first hostile welcome recorded in the New World. The Spanish then began raiding the coastline. In 1521, the same year that Ponce de León died battling Florida’s natives as he again invaded, two Spanish ships visited the Bahamas, where Columbus first made landfall in the New World. The by the Spanish slave trade. Not finding anybody to enslave, they then sailed along the coastline and landed in present-day South Carolina. They outran the Spanish reputation and the natives welcomed them. The Spanish gave food and other gifts to the natives who greeted them. The Spaniards invited them onto their boats for further festivities. The number who came aboard is estimated at between 60 and 130. When the natives were safely aboard, the Spaniards set sail for Española. One ship was lost at sea while the other delivered its human cargo to Santo Domingo. Those natives had to fend for themselves and were reduced to scavenging garbage and eating carrion. In 1526, only one of those captured natives still lived.


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