Whatever his true origins, the man who would become the Emperor was the most powerful ever born among humans. Before the Emperor began His rise to power, he was also an anonymous , a member of a branch of Mankind gifted with effective immortality due to extremely rapid and efficient cellular regeneration. Whether this ability of the Perpetuals came about naturally or was artificially induced is unknown, but the Emperor was present during the time of Humanity's prior star-spanning civilisation in the period now named the . He was known to associate with other Perpetuals like himself in that era. Among these was a woman named . Together, she, several other Perpetuals and the man who would one day become the Emperor travelled to the of aboard a one-way voidcraft. There, they discovered a into the which the future Emperor entered. He forged an unknown bargain with the and was imbued with new powers and the knowledge required to ultimately create the . The Emperor left Sureka behind to look after the Molech Gate until such time as the world could be safely protected by the coming of the future Imperium of Man.


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