It is absolutely clear that the demonstration in your library on Nov. 12 was a dangerous, intolerant and threatening disruption of students who were totally undeserving of such crude and barbaric intimidation. To suggest no violence has occurred is preposterous. The disruption was itself violent and gives grounds for fearing the out-of-control BLM movement is a real danger to your students. We in the public at large are watching appalled at this burgeoning, proto-fascist and profoundly authoritarian, anti-intellectual movement. To temporize about it is a VERY BIG mistake. You will win ZERO respect from these hooligans and they will only come at you harder next time. Meanwhile, you thoroughly demoralize the very students trying hardest to live up to the ideals of scholarship you proclaim. Mark my words. Your pretended even-handedness will only bring you much greater grief next time. If you do not take a strong and unequivocal stand against this, you will invite more and more of it until you have violence of a sort we have not seen since the Weather Underground era or worse. You cannot appease these people because your very spirit of appeasement and “reasonableness” is what most enrages them. Wake up!


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