But it was a nature entirely free from the bonds of all sin. Itwas not a nature born of both sexes with fleshly desires, with the burden ofsin, the guilt of which is washed away in regeneration. Instead, it was thekind of nature that would be fittingly born of a virgin, conceived by Hismother's faith and not her fleshly desires. Now if in his being born, hervirginity had been destroyed, he would not then have been born of a virgin. Itwould then be false (which is unthinkable) for the whole Church to confess him"born of the Virgin Mary." This is the Church which, imitating hismother, daily gives birth to his members yet remains virgin. Read, if youplease, my letter on the virginity of Saint Mary written to that illustriousman, Volusianus, whom I name with honor and affection.


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