Although dumping trash and rubbish into the oceans are a huge environmental concern, but there is another source of pollution that has consistently degraded the quality of ocean water and life. This source is oil. It enters the oceans not only by oil tanker spills, but from runoff and drains. Only 12% of all the oil in the oceans come from tanker spills, while the majority enters the oceans as runoff from automobiles (). shows the consistency of major oil spills over the past thirty years while shows the distribution of sources responsible for all oil in the oceans. shows why some oil companies have little initiative to clean up after an oil spill. You can see that the penalties of not cleaning up the oil are only fraction of the cleanup cost (). It is much cheaper and effortless to just pay a fine and completely disregard the environment. If not cleaned up immediately, the oil spreads great distances, harming any type of life that comes in contact with it (). shows a grebe covered with oil after a tanker spill off the shore of Korea. The oil disables birds, hindering their ability to fly or even properly move (). If not cleaned the oil is conducive to a certain death due to drowning or starving because they can not feed themselves ().


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