From Article 8 in Massachusetts,

against Brian Camenker, Scott Whiteman, and Parents Rights Coalition [ofMassachusetts] for exposing "Fistgate" in Apl 2, 2002

The homosexual movement continues to use whatever methods it can to"punish" and destroy anyone who gets in its way, and to intimidateanyone else from exposing their activities with children.

On Monday, July 10, [2006] the trial is scheduled to begin against BrianCamenker, Scott Whiteman, and Parents Rights Coalition in the lawsuit beingbrought against them by Margot Abels, lesbian activist and former state employeewho was fired for her involvement in a workshop where children were taught abouthard-core homosexual sex.

Abels is claiming that her "free speech rights" were violated and saysshe is seeking "injunctive relief, compensatory damages including damagesfor emotional distress," as well as attorneys' fees.

The American Family Association Center for Law and Policy has taken the casefree of charge. AFA attorneys Stephen Crampton and Michael DePrimo were inBoston this week for the hearing. In addition, Michael Williams of the Centerfor Constitutional Law is representing Scott Whiteman.

"This is an incredible miscarriage of justice, and the law they are usingis clearly unconstitutional," said Crampton. "We will appeal this caseuntil we obtain justice, up to and including the US Supreme Court."

At the hearing, Abels' lawyer reiterated that one of her objectives is to keepCamenker, Whiteman, and PRC from being able to disseminate information to anyoneabout this incident.

Click here for photos from the hearing:

The judge also set June 6 for a final preliminary hearing, to discuss witnessesand other issues pertaining to the trial.

Click here for the Mass News article describing how depraved this "Fistgate"conference was. You will see why the homosexual movement will do anything tokeep us from talking about it.

Click here for more background. This is the SECOND lawsuit that the homosexualmovement has attempted against us on the "Fistgate" incident.

The homosexual movement is very serious about changing society, andproselytizing children in the public schools with their behavior. But we are notbacking down! If this is to remain a free country, then we ALL need to be justas serious about stopping them! If we allow them to win this, then they willhave succeeded in spreading fear across Massachusetts -- and across the country-- to anyone who would confront their activities in the public schools.

There will be a lot more on this coming up!


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