In July, 1673, Thomas Osbourne, the Earl of Danby, was chosen as the new Lord Treasurer to replace Clifford. He was Charles' chief minister from 1674-78. Danby attempted to calm the fears about Catholicism by reverting to the Anglican Cavalier policies that had worked well in the 1660's and also by publicly promoting an anti-French, pro-Dutch foreign policy. Despite these policies, his arrogant, authoritarian personality and his method of parliamentary management, in which he used patronage to build up a court party in Parliament, led many members to suspect he wished to compromise the independence of Parliament and favoured the establishment of arbitrary government. Danby's other major problem was he could do nothing about James' Catholicism, nor could he persuade Charles to abandon his secret subsidy negotiations with Louis. He had told the king he could never be great or rich unless he followed the "humour of the people," which meant taking into account the people's fears of France and Catholicism and their desire to promote the English and Anglican interest.


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