In deciding fetal termination, we can not take into account the fetus'views about what it wants, or would want to do, because we have no wayof knowing what that might be. Neither it nor an infant nor an irreversiblycomatose person will probably be sorrowfully aware of his/her own death(if humanely done) or of any denial of his/her reaching his/her desiredgoals. An embryo will not have tasted the apple, nor will it have tastedbitter fruit, nor will it have put in much effort or hard work to achieveanything. Any humanely done abortion will not be causing prolonged painor frustrating its desires nor making it face up to a death it fears orwants not to have. What abortion will do is to end its ability to havea future of good or bad. Infants differ from embryos in that each day theylive they develop more the capacity for achievements, joys, sorrows, self-awareness,fears, etc. Plus they are putting in "work" each day as they grow and asthey assimilate and adapt to the environment. Each day more of ahistory or biography develops and more self-consciousness or self-awarenessdevelops.


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