Help to create that community! Where you are. In your community, your circle. It's not that the vulnerable always need constant intervention, but they need someone to be accessible to provide help at any time, to be available to assist them. To be there. Create your extended family now. Get together with those of a like mind, in your church, temple or other group. Speak about these things and agree to help each other and count on each other, and you'll find that you can "weather the storm" and get through trying times with each other's support. You can count on each other and pro-life professionals, but you can not count on the NHPCO-controlled hospices or palliative care units to provide the care you need and allow a natural death in its own timing. When it comes to support, you need an extended "family," whether they are your own relatives, a "family" of believers or simply like-minded friends.


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