Women do not have the luxury of voting for change.
why is this a good speech?
Men and women were treated like this

The feminist movement wanted men and women to be treated like this
and that's
and that's
Pankhurst uses excellent speech writing techniques to create a powerful and engaging speech.
Pankhurst uses a variety of speech writing techniques in the "Freedom Or Death" speech.
She includes an anecdote when she describes in detail her experience of being put on trial and imprisoned because she
"made a nuisance"
of herself.

Pankhurst asks the audience a rhetorical question to emphasize her point when she details how women stopped telegraphic communications across Britain for an entire day:
"If women can do that, is there any limit to what we can do except the limit we put upon ourselves?"

She uses repetition of words like
to remind the audience that women are fighting a war.
She includes hard hitting statements that resonate with the audience.


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