Programs: Youth and family and adult programming summary our programs achieve high impact on quality of life for participants through an integrated application of our competencies in these functional areas providing academic tutoring, counseling and referral services, education and life skills mentoring nutrition and health services, recreation, sports and camps, community service and civic engagement activities. We also collaborate and partners with other key local nonprofits to increase our positive impact in the community. Youth after school programs consists of academic tutoring to address academic deficiencies, as well as activities to enrich conceptual thinking, team work, and communication skills including sports and recreation opportunities, visual and performing arts projects, and community service and volunteering assignments. Life skills mentoring critical to reduction of gang related activity for at risk youth, such as ensuring cultivation of positive bonding with caring adults for youth, parent involved college bound planning, career and employment guidance, and coordinated communication on student's progress with their school teachers. Youth summer camp programs provide educational, recreational, and peer relationship experiences for serving at-risk youth as healthy engagement alternatives when school is on break. This is an extension of after school programming. Summer day camp is for grades 1 through 12 providing reading and math morning sessions coupled with a myriad of cultural and outdoor day trips to local colleges and universities, museums, sports and recreation attractions, libraries and parks, as well as group presentations to parents. Our week long, away from home, joe ide summer camp provides youth ages 8 through 12 their first character building experience out of the inner city, at a camp in the san bernardino mountains adjacent to los angeles. This camp has a structured 6 day and 5 night curriculum, with family style living arrangements giving campers opportunities to increase self esteem and interpersonal skills. They participate in activities such as swimming, hiking, archery, making crafts, nature walks, kp duties for some meals, maintaining tidy cabins, etc. Adult and family programs our counseling and referral services are critical to maintaining the fabric of our community by addressing parenting skills which include nutrition, child development and nurturing, and child abuse prevention. Domestic violence women's support group is providing legal and emergency assistance, housing, clothing and other education related resources. We also provide services for parent to be involved in college planning, nutrition and health education resources by coordinating our monthly food bank and producing our annual heath resource and book fair, legal services, presenting monthly family night events activities to develop community service skills. We support family wellness by partnering with university of southern california, and california state university's los angeles and dominguez hills campuses to provide both field site for placement of student interns, and mentoring and supervision of interns obtaining their ba or ma degree in social work. We partner with local schools and courts, accepting and coordinating and supervising individuals completing community service hours on site.

senior program rsvp, retired senior volunteer program, is a national program, partially federally funded that gives individuals, aged 55 and over, opportunity to share their work and life experiences in public and non profit settings addressing critical community needs. As a rsvp grantee program provider, all peoples community center trains and coordinates placement of seniors in volunteer assignments not only at our site, but also coordinates fulfillment of assignments at other areas non profits increasing seniors ability to lend their experience, wisdom, and skills in service to their community, as well as to enjoy the benefits of productive work and interpersonal interaction via these assignment and other program activities such as block clubs, and promoting public safety. At all peoples rsvp senior volunteers help facilitate nutrition programs, and tutor and mentor youth grades k-12.

other program 1) we provide youth development workshops to middle school age youth referred to us under a partnership with asian american drug abuse program, a local non profit. This program falls under the gang reduction youth development initiative by the city of los angeles mayor office. 2) while most services are provided at all peoples community center, we coordinate and conduct after school programs which providing tutoring and homework assistance to improve college admission rates at three nearby housing development located in Casa Figueroa, Dunbar Village, and Adams and Central.


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