What properties must something have if it is to be an appropriateobject of worship, and if it is to provide reason for thinking thatthere is a reasonable chance that the fundamental human desires justmentioned will be fulfilled? A natural answer is that God must be aperson who, at the very least, is very powerful, very knowledgeable,and morally very good. But if such a being exists, then it seemsinitially puzzling why various evils exist. For many of the veryundesirable states of affairs that the world contains are such ascould be eliminated, or prevented, by a being who was only moderatelypowerful, while, given that humans are aware of such evils, a beingonly as knowledgeable as humans would be aware of theirexistence. Finally, even a moderately good human being, given thepower to do so, would eliminate those evils. Why, then, do suchundesirable states of affairs exist, if there is a being who is verypowerful, very knowledgeable, and very good?


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