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The digital innovation is ushering in a sweeping change in the traditional business structure and model. Although the manufacturing industry has traditionally focused on boosting production capacity, hardware innovation alone has limits in increasing productivity. This has prompted manufacturers to cultivate digital prowess, such as big data analysis capabilities, in order to secure an edge in the market. Corporations are also adopting novel ideas and technology, while upgrading related human resources and organizational infrastructure to better implement the transition. With new ideas and technologies continuing to be born at corporations, research institutes and universities, we may need a separate recipe for their successful commercialization. The success of digital innovation hinges on not only how a firm designs its research and management structures but also national strategies such as "Industry 4.0" of Germany and "Made in China 2025" of China. This session will explore ways to improve business strategies, industrial structures, government services and educational innovations in order to embody creative ideas in the digital sector for corporate growth and national economic development.


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