Examples of target exam (HR3) Hot water heater temperature conditions not specifically Palpation of thyroid nod- Safety helmets examined by the Task Force include: Prevention of childhood injuries Chronic obstructive pul- (HR12) monary diseaseLaboratory/Diagnostic Hepatobiliary diseaseProcedures- Bladder cancer Nonfasting total blood cho- Dental Health- Endometrial disease lesterol Regular dental visits, tooth brushing, Travel-related illness Dipstick urinalysis flossing Prescription drug abuse Mammogram(2) Occupational illness anc Thyroid function tests(3) Other Primary injuriesHIGH-RISK GROUPS Preventive Measures Fasting plasma glucose -------------------- (HR5) Glaucoma testing by eye specialist Tuberculin skin test (PPD) HIGH-RISK GROUPS (HR6) Discussion of estrogen replacement Electrocardiogram (HR7) therapy (HR13) Papanicolaou smear4 Discussion of aspirin therapy --------------------------------------- (HR8) (HR14) Remain Alert For:Fecal occult blood/Sig- Skin protection form ultraviolet light Depression symptoms moidoscopy (HR9) (HR15) Suicide risk factors (HR11Fecal occult blood/Colon- Abnormal bereavement oscopy (HR10) Changes in cognitive func- tion Medications that increase risk of fails Signs of physical abuse or neglect Malignant skin lesions Peripheral arterial disease Tooth decay, gingivitis, loose teeth------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(*)The recommended schedule applies only to the periodic visit itself.


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