Research Notes: From , pp. 51-52:

"IV. LADY ELIZABETH FITZ ALAN, was born 1376, and died 8 Jul 1425. She married, first, before 1 December 1378, William de Montacute, son of William Earl of Salisbury, who died 6 August, 1383. She married, secondly, 1386, as his second wife, Thomas K. G. 7th Lord Mowbray Earl Marshall of England, 1st duke of Norfolk, and Earl of Nottingham, who died 22 September, 1399. She married, thirdly on or before the 1 September, 1401, Sir Robert Goushill, Knight, of Haveringham in the county of Nottingham, and Lord of Hault Hucknall Manor in Berbyshire. He had been Esquire to the duke of Norfolk her former husband. She married, fourthly, Sir Gerard Ufflete, Knight, of Wigmore, Yorkshire, but retained the title of Dowager Duchess of Norfolk until her death. The following letter written by her in 1421-2 is extant. The William Troutbeck there referred to was the grandfather of the William Troutbeck mentioned later.

"The letter is as follows:
'The Duchuse of Norff.

'Right dere and well beloved, we grete you well, and alsmycull as we have given under oure great seale of armes, unto oure servante Norman Babyngton, and Margaret his wife, and unto the heires of Norman, the third part of the manoirs of Staune Dunham and Troughford, with the app' tenuz, of which, William Troutbeck holds of us the third part t' me of his life yielding to us yerely a certayne rent, as the said William Troutbeck can declare you more pleyneley, we pray you with all oure hert, that ye make fine to be rered before you of the third part of the ad manoirs, and also of the third part of the ferme, the which the ad Troutbeck yeilds to us and oure sisters, unto the heres of Norman, and with warrantie, writen under oure greate seale at Annesley, xx May (1421-1422).

'To oure dere and right well beloved Peirs of Poole, Justice of Chester.'

"Seal of arms two and a half inches in diameter, bearing arms of England, with a label of three points impaling a shield blazoned, quarterly, 1st and 4th, checquey, 2nd and 3d, a lion rampant, Circumscriberd: 'x Sigillum d'ni Elizabeth ... Norforthie : comitisse : marchli : .. redby : de Knapp .. (Hist. Ches. Ormerod.)

"By her 3d husband, Sir Robert Goushill, Knight:
Joan Goushill, d. and heiress, of whom presently."


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