The 21 century will bring aboutan all-embracing convergence of computing, communications, informationand knowledge. This will radically change the way we live, work, andthink. The growth of high speed networks, coupled with the fallingcost of computing power, is making possible applications undreamed ofin the past. Voice, data, images, and video may now be transferredaround the world in micro-seconds. This explosion of technology ischanging the banking industry from paper and branch banks to'digitized and networked banking services. It has already changed theinternal accounting and management systems of banks. It is nowfundamentally changing the delivery systems banks use to interact withtheir customers. All over the world, banks are still struggling tofind a technological solution to meet the challenges of arapidly-changing environment. It is clear that this new technology ischanging the banking industry forever. Banks with the ability toinvest and integrate information technology will become dominate inthe highly competitive global market. Bankers are convinced thatinvesting in IT is critical. Its potential and consequences on thebanking industry future is enormous.


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