IM blowing pretty bubbles
dew caps and lipgloss, not to mention chaps
when they step outside it is coll
when they step outside it is cool
when they step outside it is cool
similar to a swimming pool
Slidey and slippery and simply slimey!
mountains are growing
I love the feel of your skin, Cor Blimey!
so what am i doing ,doing
Your scabs divine, your wounds, how they try me!
lost in my dreams
nothing really, snoozing, losing
my will to fight
Change will take place
my only rght
Can't wait 'til it
Can't wait 'til it's my turn to die
dosn't really fit
i love you susan
Squee I peed on Santa's knee!
plants and fish
love hate standes onme
sugar mice
Silverly leaves cascaded down
are rather nice
I glared at the ceiling, face set in a frown.
would fly like a brick in flight
i have a little money tree
so fucking wot
i love tofromp daisies
unseen daily deeds soft surround her
Human Rights and peace
she dreams lonely of nebraska
When the world turns choatic, and there's nowhere to turn, look to your friends, and peace you will learn.
i wish i could ask her
my rats
of insominia
I hurt my rats with glee
Sleepy face
My heart feels full of thee
My last night with you
my heart feels full of thee
I am, therefore I Google
The troll will give him a beating.
I love to
My name is kevin santana
jump away from my favorite cliff
he wears an orange bandana
skip to the beat
from prep to grade six
Oh dear wild child's feet
Pick up your sticks!
Smell those fancy beets
Just Walk away
Just Walk away
The lonely opossum's snout is without leather
I love Daniel
so when the bird flew by I plucked a feather
he looks like a cockerspaniel


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