How many WORK under the table and receive free bridge cards, social security and welfare? Seriously? OK. Illegal aliens are eligible for NONE of those benefits. Some do obtain food benefits illegally, but normally when they are NOT working since its a real risk of being apprehended and deported. It is less likely to be able to obtain other benefits illegally as the chance of being caught goes up with the demand for documentation of eligibility - ending with social security benefits which is nearly impossible (see the facts presented above). Where do illegal aliens cost us? Interestingly enough, in law enforcement, confinement, courts and hospital costs. You will see many figures which muddy the waters with legal immigrants numbers added in - you can normally tell because they suddenly switch to the term "immigrants" when numbers are discussed. Not exactly the truth.I am not advocating for illegal immigration. I am actively advocating for a discussion using facts and some humanity where these children are concerned.


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