KO Kasey, is a return to pro-style ring action featuring our very own Hollywood, verse a legend in the wrestling video market,Kasey! Cleo provides us with pre-match interviews with each of the lovely combatants. During one of the interviews, a wrestler reveals her fear of being placed in one dreaded submission hold, the Boston Crab! Once in the ring, both combatants dressed in two-piece outfits and wrestling boots, go at it “strong” from start to finish! The action seesaws back and forth, both ladies displaying their knowledge of classic wrestling holds and some good ol’ rough housing too. Halfway through the bout, one wrestler begins to dominate the action. The helpless victim is thrown into the corners, and pounded into near submission with kicks and blows. Just when you think this match is headed to a one-sided pounding, there is a change in the course of action. After 30 minutes of intense action, this one ends with an awesome boston crab submission (yes, the very submission the victim feared from the beginning).


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