While Bush was apparently in Paris in October 1980, negotiating the hostage release with Iran, it looks like the wheels were moving to put some bona fide gangsters in charge of the federal government. Immediately after Reagan was elected, one man was coming out of a five-year hibernation after barely escaping deportation proceedings that were only forestalled because Richard Nixon was run out of office. Ironically, both Nixon and Reagan ran on the law-and-order platform and probably had two of the most lawless administrations in American history. John Lennon was coming out of seclusion after five years. Not only was he in the studio making his first album in five years, , he was also coming out of his political hibernation. In light of what happened after Reagan's inauguration, Lennon was on a short list of those who could have mobilized average Americans against what Reagan's cronies were about to do to and other nations. Lennon won Nixon's hatred with his high-profile Vietnam protests, which was why they tried deporting him.


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