Table: excerpts from laws and decrees, 1933-1938
7 and 11 April 1933: The Civil Servants Act means that only Aryans (members of the Aryan ”race”) can be employed as civil servants. The law defines what constitutes non-Aryan based on biological principles. Following the issuing of the Act, around 30,000 civil servants are dismissed from public service.
7 April: It becomes possible to revoke the license of Jewish lawyers.
10 May: Public book burnings of “non-Aryan” literature in the larger cities.
July 1933: Forced sterilisation becomes possible based on racial criteria according to a new law. Around 200,000 are forcibly sterilised.
1935: Jews are prohibited from bathing in public together with Germans (Aryans).
15 September 1935: The Nuremberg Laws – Jews are defined on biological and racial principles. Jews and gypsies become second-rate citizens without full civil rights.
November 1938: Jews are prohibited from going to the movies, theatres and art exhibitions. Jewish children are excluded from German schools.
December 1938: All Jews lose their drivers license. Jews are prohibited from driving.


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