In previous centuries, before scientific racism took off (the worst kind), that there existed better and worse people under varying aspects was understood and humility was nothing but the acknowledgement of that fact. It didn't mean what we hysterically assume hierarchy means today following modernism and scientific racism. It didn't mean worse people were cattle or subhuman. It simply meant knowing your place. False modesty and arrogance are both equally repulsive. Indeed, we cling so strongly to the equality myth that when we fail to deny that someone is superior in some aspect, we try to wiggle out of the truth so uncomfortable to an arrogant ego by positing some equal distribution or trade-off principle, that is, that if someone is greater in some aspect A, then there is necessarily proportionally worse in all other aspects. It is the arrogance of this "equality" thinking that has perpetuated all of the worst stereotypes. And frankly, the "principle" or wishful thought of the mediocre yet arrogant doesn't square with reality. Good tends to attract good. Thus, there is an accumulation of what is desirable towards. That's a very good thing and is the most just, but the "losers" can't handle that. If they were let loose off their leashes, they would rape and pillage to get what they don't deserve. Indeed, some go to such lengths they end up in politics.


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