By November 1918, some 827,000 Indians had enlisted as combatants, in addition to those already serving in August 1914. Official figures suggest that 64,449 Indian soldiers died in the war. One Indian soldier, doubting that he would survive, consoled himself with the thought that his name would be 'written in letters of gold and inscribed in the list of the brave'. The names of all of India's known war dead were indeed carved on the main memorial to the Indian Army, the massive arch of India Gate in New Delhi. The Indians were also commemorated on the Western Front itself. There are many Indian names on the Menin Gate at Ypres, but the main memorial to the Indian Army on the Western Front was that designed by Sir Herbert Baker, and opened in 1927 at Neuve Chapelle - the site of the Indian Corps' most famous, and costliest, action in 1915.


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