The literature covered in our seven peer-reviewed articles stretches geographically from America to the other Georgia (in the former USSR), with intersecting links between France, India, Persia, China, Poland and Australia. Chronologically, the writers dealt with range from Alfred Jarry in fin-de-siècle Paris, to the American Agnes Smedley in China in the 1930s, to Polish poet Andrzej Chciuk, writing in Australia after the second world war, and Iranian poet Nader Naderpour, writing in the USA in his last years following the Iranian revolution of 1979, up to the present with Indian writers Anita Desai and Lavanya Sankaran. The diasporic and the exiled take their places alongside the confidently American voice of essayist Edward Abbey and the beleaguered members of the avant-garde in 1920s Georgia.


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