I have no e-mail address but, hope that my message can still be heard, either by love for my Dad or just becuz!!!! My Dad suffered for a while. He always did his best as well as my Mom. We did not have the money to cremate him naturally. Instead my Mom had to make the “Hard Decision ” to donate his body to med students .!!!! Then, cremation was free n she would get his ashes n urn Free?! What a world. He, I know would “Not” have wanted that due to his brother that it happened to n he went crazy, meaning, it hurt him deeply. I am still waiting for a very very real sign that he is at rest n up in heaven w his beautiful Mom that he loved soooo much! I can n cannot wait to see him again. The reason I say that is becuz, I have a beautiful son that needs me here w him n also reminds me so much of my Dad. R.I P. my precious Father. I will always love you n think of you every single day until it’s my turn


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