No later than 60 days following adoption of this section, the Commission shall promulgate the initial regulatory rules for licensing such stores. The Commission may promulgate rules regarding the number of licenses within any precinct of the state; provided, however, that the number of stores statewide shall not exceed the ratio of one to ten thousand based on the state’s population as determined by the U.S. Census Bureau’s Population Estimates Program (PEP) and revised annually according to either the PEP estimates or the decennial Census, and that no such license shall be issued to a store unless the electors of the precinct where the store will be located have approved the use of the location for such purpose at a local option election. Except for provisions unique to authorization of alcohol sales, including limits on resubmitting an issue to the voters, such elections shall be held and conducted by election authorities in the same manner as local option elections for the approval by the electors of a precinct of the sale of alcohol to the public at a specific location. No later than 60 days following adoption of this section, the secretary of state shall prescribe forms for the petition process and procedures for the conduct of retail marijuana store elections. Such elections shall be held on dates authorized by law for special elections for other ballot questions, including dates for primary and general elections, occurring not less than 90 days after a petition for such election is filed. The petitioner shall reimburse the expense of conducting the special election where there are no candidates or other questions on the precinct ballot. In the calendar year following adoption of this section, special elections for such question may also be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of May and the petitioner shall reimburse the cost of conducting such election.


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