At the hospital, panicking, I had called for Brian, the neighbours knew that I had accused him of this and they called him anyway; It must have been hard for them to comprehend how Brian had done this to me. Brian then communicated with me. He was enjoying my suffering and seemed to feel free to be who he really was. The south London accent and swearing dropped. He spoke to me articulately and told me that he was a member of a suppressive force or a global conspiracy and that looked at from a higher perspective bad is Ok and its all part of a game. I didn't understand that game that was for sure. He then taunted me about joining them and marrying him. I then told him that the neighbours knew that he was responsible. What was amazing to me at the time is how he was then able to remove all traces of this weapon from me. I admired him for some time for doing that but I believe he was 1):- told to do it by his highest guide and 2) He did it to keep from being accused of murder. Over the course of a week I recovered in the hospital where a lot of tests had been performed and they could not find a diagnosis.


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