This is an initiative of the EASA medical anthropology network. Mobile Medical Anthropology offers an opportunity for post-docs and senior teaching staff to move within our network to another University of their choice and exchange ideas with the lecturers and students there through participation in research seminars. The aim of the initiative is to learn about different styles of teaching, learning and doing medical anthropology and to compose a joint publication.
Successful applicants receive the funding to travel to and live at another University for 2-3 months (ca ï¿¡2000/ month). Depending on the system of teaching into which they will be integrated, they prepare 8-16 lectures contributing to the field of medical anthropology in consultation with their chosen host institution. Applicants this year can choose dates of their convenience for their exchange within the academic years 2015-17 (starting after April 1st 2015 and ending prior to March 2017). To participate they complete this form by October 15th 2014: - and send it to


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