I understand that my premise, that Rod Perry ran many drivers out of the area might not be accepted by everyone, but many know this to be the truth, and it’s significant that the ones who do are the ones who were at the races during those days. I personally did not see anyone beat him consistently, and that included Donnie Allison. And it was Smoky Yunick who personally told me about his desire to put Roddy in the radical sidecar Indy car Smoky built for the 1964 Indy 500 and also about his friend Lindsey Hopkins who wanted to put Roddy in his Indy car. Bob Hamke is who told me about Karl Keikhaefer wanting him for his Nascar team. Gene Winn confirmed both stories to me. I’ll stand by my opinion that Rod Perry’s driving ability, while no-one, least of all him, knew it at the time, changed the very future of Nascar and of Stock car racing, not only in Florida, but in general.


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