Just thought I'd send you a picture of my 4 yr. old guy. This was the 1st time I rode him here in CA (last week)....I did ride him several times in KY this summer. Notice he got the PLEASURE of a treeless saddle for the 1st time! I tried all my other saddles on him...Big Horn Cordura, ortho flex, and a custom made saddle that was for my other horse, Rocky. I got some REALLY dirty backwards glances from this guy. Put on the treeless & he didn't even look back, ears I said "Well, once again...THIS IS IT!!!!!" I started with a Bob Marshall on my 1st horse 5 1/2 years ago. Somewhere along the line I thought I needed "more" saddle. But everytime one of the other ones started bothering Rocky after a couple of months...we'd be back to the treeless. So, I'm a "lifer" now!!! :) . As you can see from the picture...these saddles are not only close contact...they allow for a good HUG too!!!!!!! So, here is Mr. Morgan....4 yr. old Rocky Mountain Horse.


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