This is the worst frost experience for a worker at forever 21 in lenox. First I get short curved on pay and get put on a three day shift for for three weeks. Also I don’t not think that you should tell the employees that they aren’t allowed to change their shift time then turn around and ask if anyone can take a morning shift. I also do not like the fact that I take a time off but still get put on anyway. With the theft situations you all need to be more attentive with what goes on in the store by having multiple people working a shift to where it doesn’t put stress on the closing shift. I think it’s unfair that at one point you tell us we cannot change our availability then all of a sudden tell us that we have to just because we suddenly have something come up. That isn’t professional as a manager for you to do that to a worker. And what I can not also stand is that you still have clothes from a different season still out when that season had past and allow the fact that you all do not dispose of torn items claiming the someone will come along and buy and fix the item themselves. That is unacceptable even for the store


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