Dreams are said to be the visualizations of ones thoughts throughout the day. It is said that whatever we have been thinking all day long or all week long comes in the form of dreams. Is not it interesting that our minds are so build up that it stores information about the most impact occurrences and helps us to get a clear picture of them. It does so by making all sorts of permutations and combinations on our feelings and gives the result of wild and vivid dreams. Sometimes they can be real misleading and other times they prove to be lighting our paths. What about those dreams which help us to reach our destination and gives rise to one of the most successful you? Will you be following them blindly as and where they take you? Or will you pause and think a bit about them? Whatever path you may choose but do not stop dreaming because dreams guide you through your life. A small child dreams of growing big and adult dreams of earning more money. As we grow our dreams grow and take a more defined shape. Let us have a look at the 10 most obvious reasons why one should never stop dreaming.


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