The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) is the lead party in government in the Republic of South Sudan. It aims at the establishment of a strong government that will transform South Sudan into a nation of peace, freedom, unity, equality and prosperity for all. The SPLM aims at building a nation based on justice, a decentralized secular and democratic, transparent and accountable system where equal opportunities are provided. It endeavours to protect fundamental human rights and freedom for all the people of South Sudan irrespective of ethnicity among others. It can be seen that the SPLM has a comprehensive programme in order to build South Sudan as a strong united country with all its diversities. Nothing could have been more acceptable. However, the challenge is how to translate the programme into practically operational plan that is seen to satisfy people’s aspirations for a society of justice. Taking the advice of the President of Republic of South Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit, that no one is above the law and putting it into practice is a sure way of stability in nation building. Nevertheless, human beings are not perfect. There will always be a minority of people that defy the norm. The difference will only be made when people are committed to the rule of law for the benefit of all. However, there will always be some criminal minded individuals who will pass through the net. With nepotism and corruption criminals will always have feast days. Nonetheless, this situation can always be tackled with well coordinated and robust law enforcement agencies which mean business but not games. This means good governance as envisioned by the SPLM in its political programme for South Sudan.


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