Start by recognizing any ways we have internalized sexist criticisms. We all have inner critics. We need them to help us evaluate whether or not we are matching up to the images of ourselves we wish to live up to. Unfortunately, this natural evaluative process gets co-opted by internalized sexism in a couple ways that need correcting. First, if the image we wish to match is an image fed to us by gender role conditioning, it needs to be questioned, deconstructed, and replaced with a better image of our choosing. Second, if our inner critic has gone beyond simple self-evaluation (to help us achieve desirable objectives), and instead it keeps us down and makes us feel terrible about ourselves, it needs to be schooled. If our inner critic is acting as an agent of internalized sexism, we can interrupt it the same way we would interrupt someone else saying sexist things to someone we care about. Being an ally to ourselves by refusing to perpetuate sexism in our own minds is the place to begin. This is challenging and easy to forget to do, but replacing oppressive habits with conscious practices is well worth putting the work in for.


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