His father, Charles W. Goodyear, studied law in Buffalo, was admitted to the bar in 1871, and joined the law firm of Cleveland, Bissel and Sicard (later, Bissell, Sicard and Goodyear after Cleveland was elected mayor of Buffalo). He was a lifelong friend of Grover Cleveland, and the Goodyear family made many visits to the White House during Cleveland's two presidential terms. At the height of his success in the legal profession, Charles W. Goodyear quit to enter the lumber and railroading business with his brother Frank H. Goodyear. They made vast gains from their business operations', which had gotten their start in Pouter County, Pennsylvania Over the years their interests expanded to include the Buffalo and Susquehanna Railroad, Great Southern Lumber Company, Buffalo Susquehanna Coal and Coke Company, Powhattan Coal Company, and other concerns. Ella Conger Goodyear had an abiding interest and talent in music. She was graduated from the Buffalo Female Academy and later studied music in Brooklyn. She traveled extensively with the quartet of St. Paul's. After a serious illness, religion became an important part of her life: in 1907 she founded a bible class, which she continued until 1934, and in 1913 she published a book, The Journey of Jesus.


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